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Donation to the United for Boston’s Own

Donation to the United for Boston’s Own
October 31, 2014 BBG Editors

On April 14, we donated our foie gras for the a fund to support two firefighters that died in a fire in Boston. The event was to raise money for the families of Lieutenant Edward J. Walsh Jr. and Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy.

The chefs that participated in this event were Ken Oringer, Ming Tsai, Jamie Bissonnette, Jay Hajj, Michael Schlow, Ting Yen, Michael Scelfo, and Monica Glass, each of whom prepared one of the nine courses for the dinner. There was sixty seats that were sold at $500 each. Because the chefs are donating their time and resources,all proceeds went to the Lietenant Walsh – Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund.

“At times like this, I’m honored, along with others in the restaurant community, to rally together and support these families”, says Ken Oringer. “It hopefully will help ease some of the journey that still lays ahead of them.”

“Food is a great way to bring people together,” says Ming Tsai. “The fact that we are able to use this event to bring attention and support to this important initiative is very rewarding.”

We donated our La Belle Farm’s Foie Gras Slices. Ken Oringer used our foie gras slices for this event.

Here are pictures taken by Bob Ambrose, one of the owners of Bella Bella Gourmet / La Belle Farms, of Ken preparing the foie gras dish.

Pictures of the Menu at the United for Boston’s Own.