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Apple & Hickory Wood Smoked Duck Wing Drumettes (Frenched)

Apple & Hickory Wood Smoked Duck Wing Drumettes (Frenched)

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Impress your guests with a genuinely different first course. Our tender, succulent duck wings are fantastically roasted, grilled, or broiled with your favorite wing sauce.

Choose one of:
Two – 5 per packs
One – 20 per pack

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  1. Avatar

    The duck leg — is wonderful OMG – I am not sharing these with anybody !!

  2. Avatar

    i first tasted the duck wings at a food and wine event in boston several years ago, and it has been a love affair ever since. They are the perfect size and an excellent starter to kick off a special event.

  3. Avatar

    Since I first tasted them years ago at the Boston Wine Expo they have always been a must have around the holidays. Just fabulous.

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