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Blanco, White Chicken

Blanco, White Chicken


White Feathered Chicken, 3.5 lb. avg. Frozen. Comes Buddhist style, Head and Feet on.

Our chickens are grown in our sister farm in New York State. They are raised in an open arena, not caged.

To keep our birds safe and free from diseases, we raise them inside an enclosed arena to keep them healthy and disease-free. We feed them a healthy diet of only corn and soybeans, the corn is grown on our own farm. Our chickens are grown for 6 months.

As one of our relatives, Anita Lee, in NYC with BoBo Poultry Market has said:  “Buddhist Style” chickens mean the birds are processed in accordance with Buddhist religious beliefs, requiring that the head and feet remain on eviscerated poultry.  Not only are the birds thus suitable for prayer, but “we can use everything,” Anita explained.  “We use the neck and the feet for stock.  I’ve seen how “extraneous” parts are wasted, even in cooking schools here!”  Anita, she said.  “You have to be able to look at the chickens’ eyes, to see that they are fresh and healthy.  How can you know a bird is fresh if you are only looking at parts?!”

The chickens are free-roaming, slow grown, and raised without antibiotics or hormones.

“Tastes like a real chicken should taste”




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