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LaBelle Farm’s Magret Duck Breast

LaBelle Farm’s Magret Duck Breast

(4 customer reviews)


This breast of the Moulard Duck is prized for its rich beefy flavor, at it’s best when pan-roasted, sauteed, or grilled. Can be substituted with fantastic results in recipes that call for NY Strip Steak. 2 LB Average

2 Fresh Lobes Per Pack / 2 lb avg.



  1. Avatar

    Very large and meaty; was able to sear well the outside and keep the center juicy… 2 magrets served in thin slices were enough for 8 guests (provided that you serve appetizers: your home made foie gras terrine!, and salade, fromage, dessert…)
    Will order more soon.

  2. Avatar

    Perhaps a little tough or stringy, although this may be expected in this type of duck. Cook it sous-vide for 6 hours or longer at 129 degrees F and it will be better.

  3. Avatar

    Repeat customer. I love this product! Timely shipping.

  4. Avatar

    I have ordered this product multiple times. The Magret de Canard from Bella Bella is as good as what you would purchase in France. Love it and I should make sure I order it more often.

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