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Magret Duck Breast, 12 Lobes, 12 Lbs Avg.

Magret Duck Breast, 12 Lobes, 12 Lbs Avg.

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La Belle Farm’s Fresh Magret Duck Breast are large and meaty, approx. 1 lb. each lobe. (12 lobes per pack)

The breast of the Moulard Duck, prized for its rich beefy flavor. Best when pan-roasted, sauteed or grilled.

We recommend searing the Duck Breast rare to medium-rare.



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    hard to find Magret duck locally ( we have less worthy frozen duck breasts in town). Cost, including shipping, is competitve and flavor ot these breats is unparalled. Service is prompt and I am in love with product

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    Fast delivery as always, and the duck is wonderful,

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