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The Unique Flavor and Nature of Duck

The USDA provides all kinds of information about farm-raised duck in the U.S., the information below is most related to the products raised at LaBelle Farms and sold at Bella Bella Gourmet.

Fatty Deposits

Ducks are swimmers, and they have a fat layer beneath the skin that keeps them buoyant. Before cooking a whole bird, the skin should be pricked all over facilitate the fat rendering out. This fat layer must have melted and disappeared for the bird to be done.

The fat is not "marbled" into the meat so it can easily be removed from the surface of a raw duck if deboning the meat before cooking.

Quantity to Buy

When buying whole duck , allow about 1 to 1 ½ pounds of raw weight per person. Raw boneless meat yields about 3 servings per pound after cooking. Estimate 3 to 4-ounces per person for fully cooked products.

Is Duck Considered "Red" or "White" Meat?

Duck is poultry and considered "white" meat by USDA, however a red meat in the culinary world. Duck breast is best pan seared then finished in the oven cooked to medium rare as you would a steak. Duck legs are best with a low-and-slow method, like braising.

What is the flavor of duck?

Our Magret duck breast eats like a sirloin steak. It has a rich beefy flavor that is perfect for first time duck eaters. Our ducks legs are meaty and make a delicious ragu to pair with pasta, polenta.