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Organic Air-Chilled, All Natural Whole Chicken


Certified Organic Air-Chilled New York State Chicken, 3.5 lb. avg.  One Whole Chicken

No Antibiotics, or growth hormones are administered to our chickens that are allowed to roam freely in large arena style coops. Our chickens are slowly grown over 8 weeks, and fed  a healthy GMO Free diet of  corn.  Our special air-chilling, and organic growing practice is why you will taste the difference in our chickens.

Our Air-Chilled Organic Chickens

  • Feed a vegetarian non-GMO diet.
  • Raised without antibiotics or added growth hormones.
  • Humanely raised in large arena housing .
  • Free Range Chicken
  • Air-Chilled for a delicious rich flavor every time. Each chicken is individually slow chilled. No water, or chlorine permeates the meat.
  • Certified by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.

Now at home you can enjoy the same chickens served by the top chefs across the Country.