The Story Behind La Belle Farms and Bella Bella Gourmet Foods

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The Story Behind La Belle Farms and Bella Bella Gourmet Foods

            The Story Behind La Belle Farms and Bella Bella Gourmet Foods

La Belle Farms is a 40-acre, family-run, duck farm located in Sullivan County, NY.  It is one of three farms in the country that produce foie gras. The farm was established by the Saravia family in 1999 and has supported four generations of family members. It currently produces over 182,000 ducks per-year for high-quality foie gras and other superior duck meat products. Their management team constantly travels around the world, learning about the latest production methods and keeping tabs on culinary trends.

The Saravia family takes great pride in the work they do on the farm, and the products they produce for their customers. Their work ethic and pride in the product come from their background growing up in war-torn El Salvador where they had to fight for their lives – and flee for a better life in the United States.

La Belle Farms supplies Bella Bella Gourmet with the freshest, highest-quality, foie gras and other raw poultry products.  Bella Bella Gourmet’s Chef Bob Ambrose transforms the raw products into gourmet foods and distributes the packaged product to our customers.

What’s the secret to success for this relationship? 

Using a special crossbred Moulard Duck, La Belle has refined a unique process that yields a superior tasting foie gras, while at the same time rendering off less fat than others on the market. All La Belle’s products are processed and packaged in the company’s U.S.D.A. inspected plants to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Their selections include Grade A, B, C, as well as Euro, Petite, Butter, and Portion Sliced Foie Gras.

With quality always a dominant factor, La Belle Farms grows its own soy and corn, in the fertile foothills of the Catskill Mountains, as feed for their ducks, thus ensuring they get the absolute finest nutrition. They employ sustainable practices and donate all the farm’s duck manure to local farmers to use as fertilizer.

We’re proud to have La Belle Farm meats in our kitchens and the ability to package and distribute their excellent foie gras products to fine restaurants and food establishments around the globe.