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LaBelle Farm’s Moulard Duck Legs & Thighs


These succulent cuts that include the drumstick and the thigh, are commonly used in low-and- slow cooking preparations — braising, roasting, and confit. Their richness allows them to often be substituted for pork, switch them out in your favorite taco recipe.

  • Cage-Free, Raised in large arena style coops
  • Raised with no antibiotics or administered growth hormones
  • Air-Chilled, no water permeates the meat.
  • Halal Certified

Tasty Treats

  • Duck Sugo with wild mushrooms
  • Duck Gumbo
  • Cider Braised Duck

Suggested Preparation: slow roasted Chinese 5 spice Duck thighs - Duck Sugo with wild mushrooms

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